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Hi friends, listen, I wouldn’t be coming to you like this in this dark hour if it wasn’t absolutely important. I just discovered a web series called “The Fat One” about two days ago when Kayla sent it to me with the words “This looks like something you’d be interested in, you fat piece of wide-load lard barge”.


Ok just kidding, she didn’t say that, she said the first part, and then watched it and fell as deeply in love with it as I did. Nor would she ever call me a “wide-load lard barge”. I just like making Kayla seem mean because she’s so good natured and sweet in real life, that contrast really makes me laugh.

The trailer is here:

The series is funny, playful, morose, painful, and above all, real AF. The show is created by the main actress, Katherine Alyse, who is very funny and cool and seems like we would probably get along like a house on fire, whatever that means. She’s started a Kickstarter to fund season 2 of The Fat One, which I just donated to myself. However the kickstarter ends in 6 meager days, and the project is just less than half funded. I really need to see season 2 of this series, this is something that really spoke to me and that I felt very passionately about in a very short amount of time. I sent Katherine’s kickstarter an absolutely irresponsible amount of money, given my “budget”, but I just…you know when you need a thing? Like you really need_a_thing? Well I need this thing. If you think you might need this thing too, please kick in a few dollars to this kickstarter. I would be your absolute best friend.

Check out The Fat One s2’s kickstarter!