Maria Monday – 4.18.16

— Monday, April 18th, Maria Monday

I’m not going to lie to you and say “Happy Monday,” because I care about you and I only ever want to tell you the truth. Instead of “Happy Monday,” I’m instead going to say, “Sorry, it’s Monday!” I am on my third coffee today and not even the beans of life can bring me back to my fully restored human form. The problem about weekends, my goats, is that they are very fun and very tiring.

Here is some classic Bammer for you all. This is an old version of a joke she has grown and tweaked over the years. I’ll show you a more current version one day. But please enjoy this classic version in it’s early stages. I love you. Whoops! Too soon! Um, I just meant to say you mean a lot to me. Even if we’re not there yet. Sorry. Um, ok, I have to go. Bye!