“I am a Female and I am So Over Feminists,” updated with annotations

— Friday, May 6th, Personal

An article has recently surfaced that has been popping up on my newsfeed, and I am so overwhelmingly exhausted by shoddy, non-fact-based arguments against feminism that masquerade as factual that I’ve at long last been tempted to react. There are so many! So many people who are like, “FUCK feminism, everything is fine now, stop being such a bitch and start being complacent with the status quo! That’s how we got where we are today, after all!” So, with this latest one, I decided to take it upon myself to annotate Gina Davis’ article, “I am a Female and I am So Over Feminists.” Just wanted to do some quick little fact checks on some of her assertions. My annotations are by NO means exhaustive, but they are hopefully some good jumping off points for further research for anyone who is interested. Ms. Davis, I’m sorry about whatever happened that made you form this opinion, and I’m sure that you’re getting a lot of flack for it, and I hope that instead of outright ignoring the “haters,” you do think for but a sweet sweet moment exactly what it is you’re saying here.

Annotations below. The original text is that of Ms. Davis, the annotations are mine. This article pairs nicely with a whiskey and a stress ball. 

Beliefs are beliefs, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m all about girl power, but in today’s world, it’s getting shoved down our throats. Relax feminists, we’re OK[1].

My inspiration actually came from a man (God forbid, a man has ideas these days). One afternoon my boyfriend was telling me about a discussion his class had regarding female sports and how TV stations air less female competitions than that of males. In a room where he and his other male classmate were completely outnumbered, he didn’t have much say in the discussion. Apparently, it was getting pretty heated in the room, and the women in the class were going on and on about how society is unfair to women in this aspect and that respect for the female population is diminishing quickly.

If we’re being frank here, it’s a load of bull.

First of all, this is the 21st century. Women have never been more respected. Women have more rights in the United States than anywhere else in the world[2]. As far as sports go, TV stations are going to air the sports that get the most ratings. On a realistic level, how many women are turning on Sports Center in the middle of the day? Not enough for TV stations to make money. It’s a business, not a boycott against female athletics[3].

Whatever happened to chivalry? Why is it so “old fashioned” to allow a man to do the dirty work or pay for meals[4]? Feminists claim that this is a sign of disrespect, yet when a man offers to pick up the check or help fix a flat tire (aka being a gentleman), they become offended. It seems like a bit of a double standard to me. There is a distinct divide between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body. There is a reason for this. We are not equals. The male is made of more muscle mass, and the woman has a more efficient brain (I mean, I think that’s pretty freaking awesome). The male body is meant to endure more physically while the female is more delicate[5]. So, quite frankly, at a certain point in life, there needs to be restrictions on integrating the two. For example, during that same class discussion that I mentioned before, one of the young ladies in the room complained about how the NFL does not allow female athletes. I mean, really? Can you imagine being tackled by a 220-pound linebacker? Of course not[6]Our bodies are different. It’s not “inequality,” it’s just science.

And while I can understand the concern in regard to money and women making statistically less than men do, let’s consider some historical facts. If we think about it, women branching out into the workforce is still relatively new in terms of history. Up until about the ’80s or so, many women didn’t work as much as they do now (no disrespect to the women that did work to provide for themselves and their families—you go ladies!). We are still climbing the charts in 2016. Though there is still considered to be a glass ceiling for the working female, it’s being shattered by the perseverance and strong mentality of women everywhere[7]. So, let’s stop blaming men and society about how we continue to “struggle[8]” and praise the female gender for working hard to make a mark on today’s workforce. We’re doing a kick-ass job, let’s[9] stop[10] the[11] complaining[12].

I consider myself to be a very strong and independent female. But that doesn’t mean that I feel the need to put down the opposite gender for every problem I endure. Not everything is a man’s fault. Let’s be realistic ladies, just as much as they are boneheads from time to time, we have the tendency to be a real pain in the tush[13]. It’s a lot of give and take. We don’t have to pretend we don’t need our men every once in a while[14]. It’s OK to be vulnerable. Men and women are meant to complement one another—not to be equal or to over-power. The genders are meant to balance each other out[15]. There’s nothing wrong with it.

I am all about being a proud woman and having confidence in what I say and do. I believe in myself as a powerful female and human being. However, I don’t believe that being a female entitles me to put down men and claim to be the “dominant” gender[16]There is no “dominant” gender. There’s just men and women. Women and men. We coincide with each other, that’s that. Time to embrace it.[17]


[1] We’re OK, just chill, UNLESS you’re one of the 600+ women per day who is sexually assaulted.

[2] The good ol’ USA, where women have it best! Except for our non-existent maternity leave that employers in virtually every other modern country are legally bound to provide.

[3] It IS a business, which is why it’s particularly absurd that the US Olympic Women’s Soccer team could net $16m in a year (compared with the $2m deficit caused by their male counterparts) and still make only 44% of what the male players make.

[4] There is nothing inherently gendered about paying for a meal or doing dirty work; in fact, it is very nice when someone does these things for you! But it is considered “old-fashioned” when the action presumes that the woman cannot do the dirty work, or cannot pay, or that it is inherently shameful for the man to have a woman offer these same things to him.

[5] We are such delicate little tender flowers! Except for that cute little painless thing called childbirth.

[6] Of course not, because no one should, humans in GENERAL are not built for that, but that’s a whole other thing.

[7] “The perseverance and strong mentality of women everywhere” – you know, feminism.

[8] Yeah, the fact that the wage gap between a Hispanic woman and a white man is literally more than half is just a dumb girly thing that we should shut up and stop complaining about.

[9] Oh! Also, black women are murdered and attacked at a disproportionately high rate compared with the percent of the population that they comprise.

[10] OH! And it’s really easy for corrupt men in positions of power to take advantage of women in a lower socioeconomic bracket and then, if they get caught, the articles written about them talk glowingly about the “bright future” they had before they got to rapin’.

[11] OH!! I totally forgot, women in the US aren’t the only women in the world! But they aren’t here, so who gives a fuck that FGM is still a thing that happens, that gay women (and men!) are physically, publically attacked daily in Russia and the police turn the other way, that in India if a woman is raped, it is legal for her husband to throw acid on her face. But no one does that here in the US so WHO GIVES A SHIT!

[12] Yeah, stop complaining, you’re close enough to equal. Suck it up. You’re doing a kick-ass job fighting for women’s rights, so obviously the next step is to STOP doing everything you’re doing and be complacent instead, you know, to further progress.

[13] Oh my god

[14] OH my god you are exhausting me

[15] OH my god your view of gender is so incredibly reductive that I am tired now and must immediately go to sleep. I have a list of things I want you to look up, ok? Start with this. OH, also this. I have so many other things I want you to google but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

[16] You do know that feminism is about women being equal, right? Not about women being dominant?

[17] I think you’re conflating misandry with feminism. Do you see how this is harmful? There are extremists in every movement, and to judge the whole by those extremists is tantamount to equating Jihadists with Islam, equating the Westboro Baptist Church with Christianity, equating that guy who drinks his own pee in the wilderness with people who like to go camping. When you say you’re over feminism, you’re essentially shitting on the generations of women who have worked so hard to get us where we are today. Also, by saying that women don’t face problems today, you’re egregiously ignoring the fact that all women are not treated equally – there is a GREAT disparity of equality across the races. If you find yourself satisfied and ready to abandon feminism just because white American women have it pretty OK in this day and age, that is a massive slap in the face to every woman of color who is being systemically held down by barriers you can’t even imagine. Maybe things are great and equal in your own personal sphere, but that’s one hell of an assertion to claim that we don’t need feminism anymore. Maybe you oughta ask yourself why you feel the compulsion to disavow feminism rather than doing more research and actually understanding the complex issues at hand. Good luck lady, and may you one day stare down the barrel of your own internalized misogyny and be able to actually contend with it. Xoxo, Kayla.