My disgusting proclivities

— Monday, March 21st, Personal

Here is an image of the 3 most embarrassing male celebrity crushes that I’ve had in the last 1o or so years:   Ed Chestwick, Zac Efron, and Adam Lambert (YIKES) As perhaps you can surmise, using only your razor sharp powers of perception, they look hauntingly similar.

My Incredible Dinosaur Dream

— Tuesday, March 1st, Personal

Hey! You know what people love reading about? Other people’s dreams. Emma makes fun of me because I often have extremely mundane and specific dreams. One time I dreamed that I got to go on a vacation, and I spent the whole dream packing my suitcase.

Channing Tatum is My Son

— Sunday, May 10th, Personal

When I wake up in the morning, the sky is a brimming pink, the color rising and peeling off the treetops in reams. The cold spring air holds my breath in a small cloud.


— Thursday, April 2nd, Personal

“That’ll be $52.26,” I say, ringing up a customers books, “would you like a bag for that today?” The two large hardcovers lie face up between us, blatantly hefty. “No, thank you, I’m all set.” She manages, before stuffing her books into one of the many handled shopping bags she is already carrying.