The Epiphany Of Ta-tas

— Wednesday, November 15th, Personal

In an instant, I was filled with the orange gold milk of human kindness. It siphoned into my lungs and I was breathing it, heaving it throughout the car like the sparkling flame of a Elysian dragon. I could not believe my good fortune at having gazed upon this singular word, communicated through the medium of earth and time like a whisper spoken through the ages. Who among us had the gumption to pen such a script?


— Thursday, April 28th, Personal, Uncategorized

I just discovered a web series called "The Fat One" about two days ago when Kayla sent it to me with the words "This looks like something you'd be interested in, you wide-load lard barge".

Millicent, At The End Of Days

and — Wednesday, April 27th, Personal

Today, the Goats watched an internet video in the vein of “what we made you think while you were on copious pain meds” oeuvre, which is quite popular! People enjoy imposing confusion and subterfuge upon their loved ones, and why wouldn’t they?

Graduating Is A Lot

— Tuesday, April 26th, Personal

"Well, at least I have to go to school": My mantra for at least 5 years now (wasn't a big academic in high school, an expectedly lukewarm medium surprise on that) regardless of any emotional state or life change. Appears to be time to let go of that consistency, and find new ones.

Relax? Try SHElax with these 8 sexy tips!

— Tuesday, April 26th, Personal

t’s a harsh, dog eat dog world out there and sometimes there’s only one thing you can do to keep the dark spectre of reality at bay, and that’s splatter it in the lush, velvety hues of a low-to-mid-price Pinot.

Yours Truly

— Friday, April 22nd, Personal

Listen ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost swimsuit season ;0 :O !! And you know what that means!!!! Time to get reacquainted with the oppressive body standards you were probably able to hide from inside bulky coats and thick black tights all winter and fall!

Another Coffee, please?

— Friday, April 15th, Personal

I’m I walked to the North, where the cold winds churned like feet turn fruit to wine, crushing the red blood from the trees, from the earth, the skies blustering and blooming with frost.