Maria Monday – 4.18.16

— Monday, April 18th, Maria Monday

I’m not going to lie to you and say “Happy Monday,” because I care about you and I only ever want to tell you the truth. Instead of “Happy Monday,” I’m instead going to say, “Sorry, it’s Monday!” I am on my third coffee today and not even the beans of life can bring me back to my fully restored human form.

MARIA MONDAY – 4.04.16

— Monday, April 4th, Maria Monday

Hey! Stop banging your head against your desk moaning “WHYYYY!” and watch this instead! This is an older version of a bit she’s worked on over the years. I love watching Maria’s bits evolve.

MARIA MONDAY – 3.28.16

— Monday, March 28th, Maria Monday

Ah, yes, time barrels forward at an unrelenting pace and we find ourselves within Monday’s sticky little hands yet again. Here is your chance for 1 minute and 44 seconds of escapism, my sweet goats.

Maria Monday – 3.21.16

— Monday, March 21st, Maria Monday

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! As of this posting, there are 103 hours and 41 minutes until 5pm on Friday. That means that you definitely have 2 minutes to spare to watch this Maria Bamford stand up clip.