and — Tuesday, June 7th, Games

Emma and Zoe are working on creating the first live goatplay for Mass Effect 2! PLEASE (omg PLEEEASE) watch our trailer so that we might finally sail off into Valhalla and be at peace!

Stardew Valley is Ruining My Life

— Saturday, April 9th, Games

I am having a hard time starting this post because all I can think of is how much I’d rather stop writing this post and go play Stardew Valley. I am furious with Emma for telling me to play this game.

Kentucky Route Zero: Act I

— Monday, April 4th, Games

This part of Kentucky, it would seem, is a quiet one. There is no voice acting and very little background music. What is prevalent are ambient sounds - crickets, the humming of lights, tires on an asphalt road.

Night Fight: A Rectangular Void

— Saturday, March 5th, Games

Adam Mullarkey, a god among men in these parts, and elsewhere a swirling, mystical entity, is working on a game called Night Fight (developer blog), “a game where you can’t really see anything and you need to beat up a rectangular shape who has wronged you”.